I think I fell in love with technology fairly early in life, it probably was when I was about eight years old and my grand father gave me a calibrator as a gift, an spark plug calibrator, I remember seen this beautifully simple tool, that was no longer needed for modern cars but there it was, smaller than a thumb and so clever that I said I want to be able to have such clever ideas.

It was my father though, the one that truly gave me the opportunity to feed my curiosity, He was on his second masters degree, I must have been two or three months after the calibrator, and because of that masters degree he bought the first computer that ever was set in my house, nothing really fancy, an Acer 210 with a 8088 microprocessor. There was only one other guy in my school class that had a computer at home, forgive me, it was the 80’s not even my school had a computer lab.

Yes, there was a computer at home and someone copied me a game, any normal kid would have done that, after all I never had an Atari or a Nintendo, so as I was trying to install it on the PC my father walked in and caught me!!, that was the end of it, no games where permitted in the PC ever, except for chess, so I tried to play or do something with Word Perfect and Lotus-123, nothing entertaining enough, until my father brought home from his office this tutorial about computers. I was hooked. That was love at first sight!!

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