A lot has been said about finding passion at work and bussines. But how to recognize it? This is a question I have asked my self several times. And yes, it may sound silly, how does this girl doesn’t know something so obvious?. But I’m afraid that for me, as it may be for you; It’s easy to loose sight.

As in a love affair, your passion has some unique characteristics:

  • You want the object of your passion always near
  • When you don’t pay attention to it, you feel like cheating.
  • You want to know everything about it.
  • You have this feeling on your gut.
  • You are scared to pursue it, afraid that in the end it won’t pay off.
  • When you get over your fear and do pursue, happiness comes just from doing it, even before results.
  • You want to be better.
  • It fuels the other areas of your life.

So now its time to find our passions, let me know what you think in the comments.

This post is also available in: Spanish

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